Wednesday, 17 March 2010

How to Help Your Teen Get a Job

Teens are so aggressive. They want things done right away. Especially, when they want to earn for themselves.They always feel excited about a new endeavor they are getting into. And that's a good sign. Helping them out to find the right job for them encourages them more to be responsible.

Help them out with these tips:

Find out what they really want to do first.
Find out if the place he wants to work is safe
Find someone who could refer your kid.
Give him some tips on how to answer, in an interview
Be with him to give him moral support on his interview
If he is turned down, encourage him and help him to get up and go for another one.

Job hunting is a fun game, especially when the whole family is behind you. Support your kid in every way because it builds up the confidence in them. Instead of being bored doing nothing, a job will do them good. It will take them away from wrong people and away from vices.

The compensation doesn't really matter to them. Most teens would just be happy that they have a job. Whether he comes from a rich family or not, he needs to experience working.

There is no problem for a rich kid to get a job especially when they have their own family business. In case they don't have, he can still be referred to a family friend without any problem.

Be very happy when your kid would like to find a job. It is a break for both of you!

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