Friday, 3 December 2010

How to Deal With Teenage Breakups - What Parents Can Do to Help

One thing that parents of teens always seem to struggle with is how to deal with teenage breakups. There is a great deal of drama and emotion involved in these breakups that your teen is completely unprepared, on an emotional level, to deal with. It's import to keep a few things in mind and take a step back in time yourself in order to properly help your teen get through this trying time.

How to Deal with Teenage Breakups

1) Be patient. Sit back and watch things unfold. Offer your support and a shoulder for your teen to lean on but stand back in the shadows and try not to go out and snap the neck of the person who broke your teen's heart. You never know, they may end up back together again.

2) Be supportive. Listen to what your teen has to say and offer a sympathetic ear. Whatever you do, do not dismiss the emotions as temporary or somehow unimportant. To a teen tasting heartbreak for the first time is monumental. It would be detrimental to your relationship and the speed of recovery to minimize the impact this moment is having on the life of your teen. The best you can do is offer them comfort in the fact that you too were once a heartbroken teen and that in time the feelings will be less intense.

3) Distract your distraught teen. One of the best methods how to deal with teenage breakups when you're the parent is to keep your teen distracted by other things. Go out and do something fun together that will take your teen's mind of his or her current heartache.

4) Give your teens the tools he or she will need to get back together with the person that has broken his or her heart. You'll be surprised how much a little bit of hope can do for your teen. It will also help you enjoy some quality bonding time together while you work on ways to mend the differences your teen is experiencing with the former (and hopefully future) love of his or her life.

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