Monday, 6 December 2010

Great Ways For Teenagers and Kids to Make Money

As a kid you were probably content with a bit of money or small treats from the local shops now you have grown up there are many other things you need. You know your parents are not going to buy everything you want so you would like to find a way to start earning cash yourself. You will find numerous ways for teenagers and kids to make money and hopefully this article will help.

Child Minding

This is the most simple idea for you to begin making money, you can begin by offering to babysit the children of family. If you are good at Babysitting then word of mouth will spread and you will more than likely have more people seeking your services.

Kid's Party Help

A lot of parents will choose to have children's birthday parties at home in order to reduce the costs and most will do the catering at home, with so many things to think about they will quite often want help. You could make money by learning who in your area is planning a children's party and offer your assistance.

Party Entertainer

Party entertainment can cost a a huge amount of money but it is found at almost all kid's parties. A great idea for teenagers to make extra money is by giving the parents a less expensive option. Kid's love having face paints, get patterns online and have fun! You could also offer to do do fake tattoos.

Home Cleaning

House work is a pain, very few people actually want to do it, but it needs to be done. For older people and those with children it is a never ending chore. A lot of people will be very happy for more help with all of the chores. As with any of the ideas for teenagers and kid's to make money this one is another that will earn you extra work as more people are told about it.

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Pam Halligan-Sims

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